Tabitha House for Women


Many women are trapped in a world of addiction and hopelessness. Tabitha House for Women offers women an opportunity to permanently change their lives by showing them love and a message of hope. Through a program of Christian principles and the life changing power of the Holy Spirit, we provide a safe haven in which women can live while they learn to rise beyond their circumstances and acquire the skills necessary for productive, independent living.


Tabitha House is located in South Holland, IL and is a 12-18 month Christian-training residential program. While living at Tabitha House women who have overcome drug and alcohol addictions learn to live a disciplined lifestyle according to Christian principles, rebuild relationships with their children and families, and gain job skills and the life skills necessary to live independently.


At Tabitha House, women live in a safe, loving and home-like environment. Through counseling, bible studies and devotions, educational opportunities, and job training, women are empowered to make permanent life changes. A court advocate is assigned to women on probation and to those who have children in foster care to assist them in being reunited with their children upon completion of the program.


Women eligible for admittance to Tabitha House must have a minimum of five to seven days clean time. All women must be willing to submit to random drug testing. Women must be willing to accept authority and commit to the goal of recovery, restoration, reinstatement, and re-entry into positive productive lives. Tabitha House does not limit its participants by race, color or nationality, but all women must be open to change in every aspect of their lives, according to Christian principles.


To schedule an interview, call Brooke Leamon, Tabitha House Director, at 708-333-3370 or email her at

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